Window Treatments Can Save Energy

Photo Courtesy: HunterDouglas

Photo Courtesy: HunterDouglas

Window coverings make an enormous difference in the enjoyment of a home. Besides adding to the beauty of your rooms, they can reduce the heating and air conditioning costs. You will want to consider the heat in the summer and cold in the winter, along with the exposure of the room. Does it face north, south, east or west?

North-facing windows provide the most consistent light but also the coldest exposure. For these windows, it’s wise to consider energy efficient window treatments.

South-facing windows receive good light year-round. Light diffusing treatments help protect upholstered furniture from the sun.

East-facing windows admit warm, bright light, especially in the morning. You will want to consider window treatments that help block ultraviolet rays.

West-facing windows admit the hottest, haziest light of the day. Light-diffusing window treatments are best in these areas.

It’s important to know that sunny windows make air conditioners work two to three times harder, while in colder seasons, heat lost through windows can account for 10 to 25 percent of the heating bill. Honeycomb shades are well known for their energy efficient components.