Video: Shaw Floors Partners With Cradle to Cradle

To ensure their products are environmentally and socially responsible, Shaw Floors partnered with Cradle to Cradle to create the world’s first fully certified Cradle to Cradle flooring products.

Today each of Shaw’s Nylon 6 carpets as well as their solid and engineered hardwood flooring have successfully achieved certification by passing all of the Cradle to Cradle requirements:

1. Materials must be safe for humans and the environment
2. Production must be energy efficient
3. Water must be conserved and efficiently used during production
4. Products are designed with ingredients that can be reused by nature or industry
5. Manufacturers must be socially engaged and at the forefront of holistic innovation.

Shaw uses the cradle-to-cradle philosophy to provide consumers with the most beautiful and sustainable flooring in the world,