Prepare Your Home for Carpet Installation

CarpetThe Carpet and Rug Institute offers these tips on preparing your home for carpet installation.

•Remove all breakable items from the area being carpeted and detach and store wiring from TVs, computers and other electronics.

•Determine who will remove and dispose of the existing carpet and cushion. Check for recycling options in your area.

•Think about carpet placement. Ask that the carpet seams be placed in less visible areas, but don’t expect seams to be invisible.

•Understand that carpet installed over a separate cushion must be power stretched to prevent bubbling and wrinkling later.

•Insist that the installer follow the instructions from the carpet manufacturer and/or those set forth in the CRI Installation Standard.

•Vacuum the old carpet before it is removed to keep any dust and particles from becoming airborne. Vacuum the bare floors (or have your installer do this) before they put down the new carpet and pad.

Having carpet installed in your home is a big project, and following these steps will allow the installation to go smoothly so you can begin enjoying your beautiful new carpet.

Source: Carpet and Rug Institute