Three Myths About Wood Floors


Photo: Bona

Wood floors are expensive. 

Wood floors initially may cost more than other flooring options, but over the long term, wood flooring is actually one of the most cost-effective flooring options available.

When properly installed and maintained, wood floors can last for hundreds of years. Other flooring options will likely have a service life of 10-20 years, which means they will need to be replaced 5-10 times as often as wood floors.

There are numerous examples of wood floors in excess of 300 years old that are still in service today. Most wood floors can be sanded and refinished several times during their service lives to restore beauty and luster. In addition, wood floors can adapt to many décor and style changes over the years while other flooring options can look dated and require replacement based on new decorating trends.

This makes wood floors a great long-term investment, and one of the least expensive flooring options available when considering total service life.

Wood floors are hard to maintain.

Routine maintenance for wood flooring is really very easy. Simply sweep, dust mop or vacuum the floors with the beater bar turned off to remove dirt and grit from between the floor boards.

Wet mops should be avoided because excessive water can dull the finish over time, or even damage the wood itself. When spills occur, they should be cleaned immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

When the floor begins to look a little dull, using a wood flooring cleaner recommended by the installer will help renew luster. If you are not sure which cleaner to use, visit a reputable floor covering store like MODA Floors & Interiors for a recommendation.

Wood floors can scratch easily.

All flooring options will show some wear over time, but wood floori

ng is the only flooring option that can repair that wear to make it look new again.

Most scratches in wood flooring will occur in the finish, not the wood itself. These can be repaired through a process called pad and recoat in which the finish on the flooring is lightly abraded and then a new coat of finish is applied. This process is much like refinishing a piece of furniture where the old furniture is lightly sanded to give the new paint something to adhere to.

For scratches that are deeper and in the wood, the flooring can be sanded and refinished. A wood flooring professional who is properly trained, and also has the proper equipment, will remove just a small amount of the flooring material to make these kinds of repairs. Then, after the scratches are removed, a new coat of finish will be applied, restoring the floor to its original luster.

Scratches on wood flooring can be prevented and minimized by placing scatter rugs at all entryways from outside, putting felt pads on furniture legs, clipping pet nails, and avoiding walking on floors in athletic cleats or high heels in disrepair.

Source: National Wood Flooring Association

ReStore Sales Support Habitat for Humanity Mission

ReStore DonationMODA Floors & Interiors recently donated 10 pallets of tile, hardwood and laminate to the Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore, a nonprofit home improvement outlet store and donation center that sells new and gently used furniture, home accessories, building materials and appliances to the public at a discounted rate.

Net proceeds from ReStore sales support Atlanta Habitat for Humanity’s mission of building quality, affordable, green homes in partnership with working families. Since December 2001, the ReStore has diverted more than 7,700 tons of materials from landfills by offering them to others for purchase and reuse.

By donating to the ReStore, individuals, companies and organizations support affordable homeownership and community revitalization in Atlanta. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

To make a donation, contact the ReStore at 404.525.2114 (Extension 155). They have a pick-up service for large items that you can’t easily transport.

The Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore is located at 271 Chester Ave. S.E. Additional information is also available at


Flooring Options for All Ages

There are flooring options for people in all stages of their life. Pair these suggestions from Shaw Floors with your design tastes to find just the right look for your home.

Design a Room With Style

54691_00702When it comes time to decorate your new space, you can hire an interior designer, work with a MODA Floors & Interiors project consultant and/or get personally inspired to create a beautiful room on your own.

Here are some design tips to help you get started.

  • Consider the function of the room when pulling it together.
  • Match your furniture to the overall scale of the space.
  • GFLSD102_GFLSD101_Solids_Black_White_PERMASTONE_RSCreate a theme and vibe for the feeling of the room.
  • Design a creative color pallet and follow it through.
  • Make your room unique with interesting pieces.
  • Utilize light to create aesthetic warmth and color.
  • Don’t forget the many options available for flooring and window treatments.

Sources: HunterDouglas, Shaw Floors, Tarkett

A Vacuum Cleaner or Tea Leaves?

Photo: Shaw Floors

Photo: Shaw Floors

If you have carpet in your home, a vacuum helps you keep it clean, fresh and lasting. The vacuum was not always around, obviously, but its history is a great story of ingenuity and invention.

Here are some interesting facts about the history of the vacuum cleaner.

  • Before electricity, an alternative to beating the carpet over a porch rail, clothesline or windowsill was to sprinkle a carpet with tea leaves. In theory, this attracted dust and dirt to the surface ready to be swept.
  • In the mid-1800s, vacuum cleaners could be found housed in exquisite cabinetry that doubled as a coffee table, sidebar or cocktail bar.
  • The first non-electric vacuum cleaner, a “sweeping machine,” was the Whirlwind model, invented in Chicago in 1869. It had a crank for the operator to turn with one hand while pushing the machine with the other hand. Due to the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, only two of these machines exist today.
  • The concept of today’s electric vacuum cleaner was invented in 1901 by H.C. Booth and took the form of a large, horse-drawn, petrol-driven unit that was parked outside the building. The unit fed long hoses through the windows of the room to be cleaned.
  • One popular 1913 vacuum came in six different models and had attachments for bare floors, walls, upholstery and crevices. It could even be used as a blower for drying hair.

It’s easier to take care of carpet with today’s vacuum technology, but be sure you’re using the best with a Seal of Approval certified vacuum cleaner.

Source: The Carpet and Rug Institute


Spring Colors Bring Fresh Design Ideas

Spring ColorsWith a change in season comes a shift in weather, refreshed attire, and most importantly – a new color palette. Each season has its own feeling, its own smell, and its own colors. Whether through fashion or decor, the persona of Spring is represented every year through the hues that we choose to emphasize.

What makes Spring colors? Well, look around. As the temperature gets warmer, “cold” colors funnel in. It’s the lighter blue of the sky, the sweeter orange of the tropics, the romantic purple of the violet flowers in bloom. It’s the pastel yellow, zesty lime green, and blossom rose with a pop of magenta!

Spring colors represent revival and rejuvenation. As ambassadors of style and design, we camouflage ourselves by highlighting mother nature’s greatest shades (of color). These colors can be used creatively to brighten any room.

Visit the MODA Floors & Interiors website for products inspired by the uplifting feeling of Spring.

Source: HunterDouglas

New Tool Helps Answer Design Challenges


HARDWOOD - Revere Maple 935 Midnight RideAt MODA Floors & Interiors, we understand no one likes unexpected surprises. With so many choices available in flooring and window coverings, it might seem difficult to narrow down the colors, styles and materials that will make your project come to life.

“I will know it when I see it.” No need to wait any longer. Our new (and evolving) Room Visualization Tool helps answer your design challenges.

We will help you author a style that is uniquely yours.

Using a fun interactive quiz, a project consultant will personally work with you to identify your style. Is it Urban Chic, Seaside Simplicity or something else? Using preloaded photos from a wide variety of MODA vendors, we’ll show you on a widescreen monitor how the materials and colors you choose will look in a room scene similar to what you’re planning at home.

Want to get even more specific? Give us your photos to upload into the Room Visualization Tool. Please allow a 24-hour turnaround.

Now relax and get started. We’re here to help!


10 Things to Consider When Selecting Window Coverings

  1. Dining RoomThe two most important things to consider when selecting window coverings for your home are function and design.
  2. A well-designed window covering suits not only the window, but also harmonizes with the room. Window treatments should be to scale with the room itself and with its furnishings.
  3. Think about what other interior selections you need to consider when choosing colors, styles and textures.
  4. Ask yourself what feeling or mood you want to create in the room. The mood of a room can be soft and elegant, casual and comfortable, classic and traditional or clean and contemporary.
  5. Also consider the actual architectural style of the window itself.
  6. When selecting colors for windows, think about what effect you want to create. If you want the window to add drama and be a focal point, use contrasting colors to the wall color. On the other hand, if you want to make the room look larger, blend or coordinate the window and wall colors.
  7. If you’re comfortable with color, use it! There are a multitude of color choices.
  8. Neutral colors provide longevity and flexibility. Neutral colors are timeless and allow for the other, more easily replaceable, design elements to change as needed, such as pillows on a sofa, area rugs, paint and accessories.
  9. When considering neutral colors for window coverings, remember you aren’t limited to the classic neutral palette of browns, whites, blacks and grays. Many pastels are considered “colorful neutrals.” Colors such as shell pink, soft peach or a tranquil sea glass green are sophisticated, soft and comfortable, making them a refreshing addition to any room.
  10. The color of window coverings not only plays a role on the interior of a home, but also on the exterior. You want to achieve a consistent look. Be sure to examine the backside of the window coverings so you will know how they look on the outside of your home. Some window coverings offer white backings but others do not. Plus, some communities have covenants against visible window coverings in non-neutral colors.

What’s your favorite way to dress a window?

Shaw Floors Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Photo Courtesy: Metropolitan Transit Authority

Photo Courtesy: Metropolitan Transit Authority

Shaw Floors is restoring the Grand Central Terminal tradition of rolling out the red carpet, this time for the holidays. Shaw recently unveiled more than 14,000 square feet of its carpet, hardwood and resilient floors during a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair in Vanderbilt Hall. One million people pass through Grand Central Terminal each day of the holiday season, totaling tens of millions of steps on flooring from presenting sponsor Shaw Floors during the six-week fair.

Randy Merritt with the Rockettes. Photo Courtesy: Shaw Floors

Randy Merritt with the Rockettes. Photo Courtesy: Shaw Floors

“Just like our homes, the floors of Grand Central Terminal are put to the test each day with kids, messes and weather,” said Randy Merritt, president of Shaw Floors. “Design and durability have been at the core of Shaw Floors and Grand Central Terminal for decades, setting a strong foundation for this year’s partnership in one of the busiest rooms in the world.”

Dean Howell, president of MODA Floors & Interiors and a member of the Shaw Dealers’ Advisory Council, was on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Each piece of flooring installed throughout Vanderbilt Hall and at Terminal entrances was carefully selected to complement the iconic architecture of the historic building. Shaw’s Design Details in Grand Central Red lines the Holiday Fair aisleways to welcome guests in the same way celebrities were greeted at Grand Central Terminal dating back to the late 1920s. Park Avenue resilient in color Grand Central is underfoot throughout Vanderbilt Hall for a realistic hardwood look made for high traffic areas. Hudson Bay Hardwood in Copperidge is an eco-friendly floor that leads guests through the hall from the main Terminal into the fair. Shaw’s red all-weather carpets will invite visitors to the fair at each entrance.

Can your flooring stand up to this test?