MODA Floors & Interiors Plays Role in Burgeoning Film Industry

Georgia has it all! Beaches, mountains, talented actors and crews, an international airport and (best of all) attractive financial incentives. The state has more than 800 film and television projects under its belt since 1972. The 245 feature film and television productions shot in Georgia in 2016 represented $2.02 billion in direct spending in the “Hollywood of the South.”

What’s it like being involved in the kitchen and bath installations for some of these productions?

Since MODA Floors & Interiors received the initial call a few months ago, Tyler Hieber, a project consultant/designer, has worked with multiple locally-based production companies. Requests can be as simple as providing materials or as complex as a full installation.

Response time is important. “You need to call in, get the information and place the order quickly,” Tyler said.

“The interesting thing is being able to go into the sets before filming begins. While the set designers and art directors usually have a good concept of what they want to install, we’re often able to work with them to explore other options to achieve the look they want,” he explained.

Set designers and art directors move from one project or production company to another, presenting MODA with a valuable sales outreach opportunity.

Filming can take place behind the studio gates or on location. A recent project in Roswell involved installations in four homes that will eventually be torn down because they were built for “looks.”

Luckily the production companies retain another company to recycle the materials.

Warning: Discover Decorative Linear Shower Drains Before it’s Too Late

By Eric Carson


Photo Courtesy: LUXE Linear Drains

After four delightful years of college in Boston, my whole crew had no intentions of leaving any time soon. The best plan for us was to get some jobs in the city and hunker down together in Southie while we waited for our lives to happen. It was 1997, the same year that “Goodwill Hunting,” starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Robin Williams and others took home a pair of Academy Awards.

If you’ve never seen this movie it shouldn’t be much of an obstacle here. The reference was meant simply to frame, or rather compare a moment I had with my Uncle Pete by isolating one especially poignant scene in “Good Will Hunting.”

In the Hollywood version, Williams (a therapist) has Damon (Will Hunting) by the collar to make sure he was listening to him repeatedly saying, “It’s not your fault … It’s not your fault,” referring to the painful, troubled childhood that Damon’s character endured. And while I would never dream of wrinkling Uncle Pete’s collar, we did have cause for a similar talk last year at our annual family Christmas gala hosted at his palatial custom home featuring oversized windows everywhere that let in majestic views of the mighty Atlantic as it thunders away at the rocky coast of Portland, Maine.

Photo Courtesy: LUXE Linear Drains

Photo Courtesy: LUXE Linear Drains

The Murphy side gathers at Uncle Pete’s classic, coastal Maine luxury estate at least once a year. And every year the place seems just a bit more decadent. Uncle Pete seems is constantly putting the wraps on another home improvement project in time for the holiday season (read winter). In fact, it was last year’s kitchen remodel that created enough space to design a completely new custom guest bath that led to our far-less animated “Goodwill Hunting” moment.

In fairness, Uncle Pete has an impeccable eye for classic, modern design, and he likes to stay current. We both share a great appreciation for custom tile design. Naturally, he couldn’t wait to show me the guest bath walls that he had surfaced with handcrafted ceramic tiles. For the new guest shower Uncle Pete selected a custom blend of glass mosaic tile for all three walls. When my eyes finally had a chance to focus on the shower floor I nearly fainted on the spot. There it was, taunting me from its clumsy position right smack-dab in the middle of my Uncle Pete’s brand new full guest bath was another outdated round-center drain.

Photo Courtesy: LUXE Linear Drains

Photo Courtesy: LUXE Linear Drains

My heart sunk right down to the natural marble floor the second I saw it. Not only that, I knew exactly how it got there in the first place. That’s because there’s only one right answer to that question. Obviously, Uncle Pete had yet to come across a modern design custom shower featuring a decorative stainless steel linear channel drain. The minute you discover decorative linear shower drains there’s just no looking back – ever.

That statement is supported by the explosive growth and demand for linear drains in private homes like Uncle Pete’s, as well as five-star landmarks of hospitality such as The Four Seasons flagship Boston location. And while the linear drain category is still relatively new in the United States, companies like LUXE Linear Drains in Atlanta already offer a complete collection of architectural-grade, 100 percent stainless steel decorative grate patterned linear drains, linear tile insert drains and decorative 5” x 5” square replacement drains with inserts to match.

In the end, there was nothing else I could say to my Uncle Pete except – “It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.”


 Ask MODA Floors & Interiors for more information on LUXE Linear Drains.

LUXE Linear Drains: Joe Phillips, President of LUXE Linear Drains, P.O. Box 8064, Atlanta, GA 31106.

Eric Carson is the Director of Blueprint Global Media, a full-service public relations and marketing agency dedicated to architecturally-specified building products and projects.