Color Trends for Your Home

Photo: Glidden

Photo: Glidden

You may have read that grey is all the rage in home design and in fashion. And Shaw Floors agrees. That’s why they named Lady in Grey their color of the year for 2015.

But grey isn’t the only color in town! If you’re wanting to liven up your home with some of the latest trends, check out these favorite colors from their Design and Trends team.

English Royal Navy

English Royal Navy remains a top color trend in the world today. It was Shaw’s color of the year for 2014, and it’s still going strong. Navy is a classic in every way. It offers timeless appeal. Think about it, the navy blazer is second only to the little black dress in terms of classic, effortless style. And in your home, navy can offer the same universal appeal. Dressed up or down, navy can stylishly anchor a room in much the same way as black or a deep, chocolate brown.

Indian Ocean Teal

Indian Ocean Teal is another color Shaw loves. It’s a deeper dive into the water colors that have made such a splash in today’s home décor. (Two water references in one sentence.  Impressive, huh?) Actually, this rich color can serve as a bridge color between the cool, barely-there water colors so prevalent in homes today and the dark tones of always-classic navy.

British Racing Green

British Racing Green, a close kin to English Royal Navy, is another color that never seems to be out of style. It’s not only a classic, but is enjoying a renaissance as one of today’s top choices. Like the English roadsters often painted this timeless color, British Racing Green can be a playful, preppy, youthful addition or accent in your home.


And finally, Coral is truly one of the IT colors of 2015. You see it in fashion, you see it in art, and you definitely see it in homes. Small splashes of this vibrant color can instantly liven a room. Unlike popular corals of the past, the trend in 2015 is redder in hue, deep and rich and bold.

Remember, you don’t have to start from scratch to bring touches of today’s stylish colors into your home. Add a pillow, a single painted wall, a piece of painted furniture or a bound rug of these colors to create a fresh, stylish look.

Source: Shaw Floors

Refresh Home With a Few Key Pieces

In this video, Shaw designers show you how to use the top colors of 2015 to refresh your home. These colors can coordinate with the neutrals you may already own. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of coral.