Make Eco-Friendly Improvements to Your Home

Express yourself by adding carpeting and area rugs to your home. Let your imagination run free! Take a peek inside the 2014 HGTV Smart Home to see what’s new and get design inspiration for your home.





Choosing an Area Rug

Photo: Shaw Floors

Colors and designs for area rugs run the gamut from serene and subdued to spunky and bright. But don’t be confused about your selection. Here are a few guidelines.

Color and Design

If you want to make a bold, contemporary statement, consider a large floral pattern or dazzling geometric that becomes the room’s main focal point. To add warmth, texture and quiet style, try a rug with more subdued colors or a classical pattern in subtle shades.

Tips for Choosing

  • Living Areas: A rug should be large enough to hold seating groups and small enough that the floor forms a contrasting frame around it.
  • Dining Areas: Choose a rug large enough to accommodate chairs when they’re pushed away from the table.
  • Foyers: The rug should cover a large portion of the area, allowing a generous 18- to 24-inch border of floor to frame it.

Do you have a favorite area rug?

Source: Shaw Floors

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Trend vs Trendy: Meet Shaw’s Emily Morrow

Emily Morrow is a trend expert for Shaw Floors. Her experience in interior design allows her to assist in the color, style and design development of residential flooring. She spots patterns and gathers resources and samples to help create fresh and vibrant color palettes and prototypes for Shaw products.

Click on the link below to see a brief video.

Area Rugs Add Visual Interest to Home

Photos Courtesy: Shaw Floors

Photos Courtesy: Shaw Floors

Area rugs add beauty and style to any home. Color is one of the most vital elements of an area rug, whether its machine made or handmade.

The right combination of colors, expressed through the right design, becomes more than an area rug, it becomes a work of art.

Select a rug with colors that will visually enhance your room’s décor. The colors don’t have to match the other colors in the room perfectly.

Some of the best interior designs feature new and interesting combinations of colors that either contrast or complement a room’s color scheme.

Area Rug 2Colors are also an important factor in determining the origin of many handmade rugs. Different rug-producing areas use different combinations of colors and different types of dyes.

So feel free to express yourself with an area rug – think outside the box.